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Poole Pottery Red Indian & Magnolia for sale

After war time manufacturing restrictions were lifted, the first two colour Twintone glaze Poole Pottery produced was their C95 Red Indian and Magnolia range. This was launched in 1953 for the North American market and would have suited the trend for red and cream kitchens, which were leaning towards the designs of the American diner at the time.  

Red Indian and Magnolia was produced until 1958 and is one of the rarer glazes to find, as such it commands a premium price and is very sought after by Poole Pottery collectors. yay retro! have a pair of Streamline cups and saucers for sale at the moment, as well as a super rare biscuit barrel in truly excellent condition. Why not take a look at these in the shop now? You can also see other examples of Poole Red Indian we have previously sold, which makes for scrummy viewing! Click here!!

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