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Dartmouth & Toni Raymond Pottery in Devon

Having recently relocated to Devon, I am getting quite into the local pottery which includes Torquay's Toni Raymond wares such as the Mexican salt & pepper pots below and also the more classic looking Dartmouth Pottery such as the urns show above.  Both potteries were producing wares during the 1960s and 70s and offer very distinct styles.

Dartmouth Pottery created classically designed wares. Sleek lines and a large nod towards ancient times were their thing. We love the swags on this Grecian styled window vase which we recently sold. 

By contrast the Toni Raymond Pottery were making items with hand painted decorations, these includes celery vases, cucumber pots and butter dishes. Do look out for more Dartmouth and Toni Raymond Pottery items in the yay retro! vintage shop as and when we find them.

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