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Poole Pottery Biscuit Barrels for sale

yay retro! adore Poole Pottery for it's understated minimalism, design style, matte finish and quality. One of our most favourite items is the Streamline biscuit barrel designed in the 1930s and made right up until the 1970s. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, we always like to have at least one in stock for lovers of Poole to buy. 

At the moment we have a very pretty floral small sized biscuit barrel, a pink one in the peach bloom glaze and a very rare Red Indian and Magnolia version. All have the trade mark cane handle and are superb for storing your biscuits or crackers. Look out for the extra rare lime yellow version coming to the yay retro! vintage shop soon! Search Poole Pottery by clicking here.

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