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yay retro! makes a foray into the world of Wonky Veg

How do you feel about Wonky Veg? I had heard about the Asda campaign to introduce wonky veg boxes in to some of their stores with the 'beautiful on the inside' campaign. I thought this was a great idea as I am very into reducing food waste, being committed to only buying what I need, and freezing left overs straight after each meal. I also love making soups and casseroles to use up veg that is going over a little. 

I've now found out that the wonky veg campaign is in response to Jamie Oliver approaching the store during their 'Friday Night Feast' show on channel 4. Apparently Asda have been selling 'ugly' veg since January 2015 at a 30% reduction. However, with no Asda near to me which were stocking the wonky veg box range, I was initially disappointed not to be able to partake in the wonky veg campaign. Happily this morning I found that Morrisons now have bags of wonky veg on sale, so I bought a bag each of parsnips and onions to see what they might be like.

Wonky Veg it turns out, look just like normal veg (no real surprise!) I already regularly bought Morrisons small onions in bags, and these appear to be no different. Maybe a few are smaller, and perhaps some of them have a little soil on them. However, with the skins removed this will have no impact whatsoever. 

When it comes to the parsnips in my particular bag, they appear slimmer than their counterparts. Some have a few blemishes, but really this is not in the least bit off putting nor a problem. If you grow your own, or have freebies from those who do, you are almost certainly going to be used to such things. Plus my Mum always told me that slimmer parsnips are sweeter than their larger woodier counterparts.

Thinking about costs and savings, the Asda Wonky Veg Boxes are £3.50 each and could apparently feed a family of 4 for a week, they include a variety of veg from peppers to cucumbers and potatoes. However, only 20 boxes are apparently available per day, in just 25 of Asda's stores across the UK (see Asda's blog).

By contrast the Morrisons Wonky Veg Bags offer a smaller range of veg, namely potatoes, carrots, onions and parsnips. Freely available on their website, I would imagine they are in every store. Comparative prices are as follows:

Wonky Carrots Bag 60p (40p per kg)  -  Normal Bags of Carrots at Morrisons are 47p per kg
Wonky Potatoes Bag £2 (40p per kg)  - Normal Bags Potatoes at Morrisons are from 57p per kg
Wonky Parsnips Bag £1 (£1 per kg)     - Normal Parsnips at Morrisons are £1.70 per kg
Wonky Onions Bag 60p (40p per kg)  - Normal Onions at Morrisons are 56p per kg

So a cost saving to be had if you opt for wonkiness. 

On Sainsburys blog, they say that the unseasonable weather has caused a glut of 'ugly' veg, and are using it in their freshly prepared chiller foods such as mashed potatoes & potato salad. Currently, it seems they are not selling wonky veg directly and ask would customers be happy if they did. Meanwhile, Tesco's group food sourcing director Matt Simister, tells the Telegraph:'the supermarket is exploring opportunities to put more products like wonky carrots and imperfect apples on offer to encourage people to buy them'.

Have you tried wonky veg? If you have what were your thoughts and would you buy it again? Why not leave a comment or email to let me know?

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