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The Most Popular Vintage Pottery at yay retro!

The most popular vintage brands being viewed on the yay retro! website are Woods ware and Poole Pottery. Isn't it interesting that both are a relatively plain tableware? It's all about those forward thinking, cutting edge shapes!  

The plain, shiny green glaze of Woods Berylware, along with it's yellow and blue counterparts (Jasmine and Iris), were manufactured during the war years and beyond. This was when rationing on raw materials was in place for manufacturing industries. The Art Deco shapes of tableware were the same as that designed by Woods previously, but undecorated to meet the stringent requirements of utility-ware regulations.

Now Woods ware is a key shaker in the vintage marketplace, with 1000s upon 1000s of people using this pottery every day in their modern vintage kitchens.

You can buy Woodsware in the yay retro! shop here OR read about Woodsware in our handy Retropedia here.

Poole Pottery is again very much sought after by vintage devotees. Here we see a smooth, matte finish on what would have been up to the minute, clean cutting edge 1930s designs. Just look at the gentle, yet angular lines of the spout on the Streamline teapot (you can see more here). Poole Pottery was created in a huge amount of Twintone glazes; a marriage of 2 complimenting hues such as dove grey and sky blue, or ice green and mushroom. Later in the 60s Poole Pottery, introduced the Contour shape for some of the key pieces of tableware, these were produced alongside Streamline and can be mixed and matched with your existing collection.

You can buy Poole Pottery in the yay retro! shop here OR read about Poole Pottery in our popular Retropedia here.

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