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Gorgeous TG Green Cornishware at yay retro!

There are many devotees of the blue and white striped china known as Cornishware, which was produced by T.G. Green & Co Ltd from the 1920s to 2007. Many people look for the Green Shield stamp on the bottom which shows this is one of the older and more collectable pieces.

We love Cornishware and like to buy pieces for our vintage china shop whenever we can, at the moment we have this marvellous flour sifter. We adore this chunky piece which comes complete with its green shield stamp and has a nifty screw top lid - goodness knows how they managed to make this so well?!

Originally Cornishware was made in Derbyshire, however the factory closed down in 2007. In 2009 a group of investors bought the brand and the new version of Cornishware is in production today. Why not check out this lovely flour sifter in the yay retro! shop now?
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