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Vintage Ice Green Poole Twintone

One of the most popular types of tableware that yay retro! sell is Poole Pottery from the 1930s to early 1970s. Poole were making their Twintone glazes during this period and there were lots of different colours to choose from. From pinks and blues to sienna and green. The most popular choice of all seems to be the ice green glazes which are a lovely gentle pastel hue. Ice Green comes in two choices, either ice green and mushroom or ice green and seagull. The mushroom is a light pinky cream, and the seagull is a mottled pastel grey. The wonderful thing about Poole Pottery of this period is that the colour of their tableware matches well with more contemporary designs, or even the flowery patterned china of the 1960/70s era. This makes it a great staple vintage tableware to collect. yay retro! regularly sell Poole Pottery to collectors or those looking to replace broken parts of their sets. Click here to see all of the Poole Pottery we have for sale right now.

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