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Recipe for a Vegetable 'Not-a-Pie' Pie

Anyone who follows my blog will know that I love to make up recipes which are cheap, easy, healthy and cheerful. Today we had a fab dinner with my new invention - a 'Not-a-Pie' pie! It's so simple to make, it's almost 'not a recipe'.
To cut to the chase, it's a Suet Pastry disc which is cooked separately and then placed on top of any kind of cooked food. We had ours on top of roasted vegetables, but you could easily pop this on top of a meat stew or vegetable casserole. If you have no potatoes in the cupboard, never despair - making up suet pastry is a super-fast potato replacement!

Here's what you'll need to make this super-fast suet pastry:

Self Raising Flour (I used wholemeal)
Vegetable Suet (eg Atora or supermarket's own brand)
Freshly ground S&P
Cold water
Oats or flour to press out the pastry

**For suet pastry you use half fat to flour. For two people you would need 50gm of flour and 25gm Suet. Simply multiply the amount up for the number of people you are cooking for 
1. Weigh out the amount of flour and fat you need as per my note**, and pop in a mixing bowl with S&P.
2. Run the cold tap and add a little amount of water at a time to the bowl, mixing with a knife until everything has formed together and you have a nice firm dough.
3. Sprinkle oats of flour onto a dinner plate, take a portion of the dough (i.e. half of it if making for 2 people) and roll in the oats or flour then press to about 1cm thick disc. Repeat until the dough has been used up.
4. Place on a baking sheet and bake at 200c until golden brown
5. Pop on top or to the side of whatever food you are serving. This makes a nice crunchy, chewy topping/side which is extra tasty!

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