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Brixham Battery Heritage Centre - A Review

On a ramble around Brixham today, we came across the Brixham Battery Heritage Centre. We had never spotted this little war time museum perched above Fishcombe Cove before today; and were very glad to be invited to take a look around by one of the volunteers. Here's a review of our short visit....

The museum can be found in a small camouflaged building at the bottom of Fishcombe Hill on the right. You can't miss it once looking out for it, as there is an armoured vehicle parked outside. Once inside you can take a look at an array of war time memorabilia including weapons, small arms & medals, radio equipment, books, pamphlets and models of wartime aeroplanes.

I really liked the model of the Battery as it would have appeared during the 2nd World War; it was interesting to see just how many gun emplacements and buildings made up the site. This 3 dimensional overview makes you appreciate just how much there is to see at the centre, and informs your walk through Battery Park just above.

My favourite part was seeing the war time kitchen as it clearly showed the weekly food rations each person would have been given via their ration book. The display featured a gorgeous primrose coloured vintage kitchen unit filled with war time food packaging, enamel pots and pans and the weekly ration laid out on plates. We have written a separate blog article about food rationing using information gathered from the museum here, why not have a read?

Seeing a Morrison Shelter in reality was a surprise - these were designed for people to use inside their homes during a bombing raid. It consisted of a shallow steel & wire box, which would have been exceedingly claustrophobic, and surely added to the fear and stress during a raid.

Outside the Heritage Centre are several buildings, shelters, an ammo tunnel and gun emplacements which you can explore. We didn't have time today, but do intend going back to do this.  The volunteer team at Brixham Battery maintain the site, offer educational trips to schools and spend time chatting to visitors about all there is to see. One of the volunteers showed us a photo of the street he lived in, in Sheffield after it was bombed - and explained to us how he and his family were very lucky to survive the raid - all thanks to the Anderson shelter in their garden.

It really is worth seeking out this little gem of a museum if like me you find the War years interesting. Click here to visit the Brixham Battery Heritage Centre's website.  Or pop into yay retro!'s online vintage shop now for a browse for vintage china and homewares from the 1940s to the 1970s?

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