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The Top 12 Vintage Brands during 2015 at yay retro!

What were yay retro!'s online vintage shop customers looking to buy during the last year? Our nifty website can count up visits to the most popular pages, giving us the top 12 vintage brands of 2015. Nearly 82,000 individual people came and had a browse at yay retro!- that's nearly 7000 people per month. They looked at over 296,000 pages during the year, making these stats pretty robust and interesting.

In at the number 1 spot is Woods table ware from the war years (1940s+). This utility tableware was made in green 'Beryl', yellow 'Jasmine' and blue 'Iris'. Most people will have seen in it their grandparents homes, village halls and schools up and down the country, which is almost certainly why it remains so popular. It is extremely resilient and can be used every day, making it a fabulous choice for your vintage kitchen.


At number 2 is J&G Meakin. Over 100 patterns on 17 different shaped pieces were made between the period 1945-1975, and it is this vast array of designs which attracts the collectors interest. yay retro!'s sales of this brand strangely dipped significantly during 2014, so we rarely get J&G Meakin in these days. 

At number 3 is our favourite vintage brand Poole Pottery. We personally love the Streamline shape and try to always have something of interest on offer for the collector. Whether it is some of the rarer Twintone glazes, the more unusual shapes or patterns. We also get unique pieces of the Poole Pottery Contour wares in from time to time.

Number 4 sees the tremendous Figgjo Flint tableware from the 1960s & 70s. Big bold flowers, bright blue fish and cute figures abound on these fabulously designed pieces which can attract very high prices indeed. Many collectors are in Japan, as well as in Norway where this tableware was made.

Staffordshire Potteries everyday 1970s tableware is at Number 5. Forty years ago these designs were found in practically every home. Cheap and mass produced the company produced 100s of different patterns for their mugs and tea sets. They are extremely appealing to collectors today as they are bright, cheery and largely affordable.

At number 6 is the Broadhurst brand, whose key designer was Kathie Winkle. Kathie began work on the shop floor, but rose up to become their number one designer with her name being applied to their tableware. Hard to find in really good condition, we only get it in to the shop on rare occasions. 

Crown Devon ware is at the number 7 position. The most looked for items being their funky flower power storage jars designed by Mary Quant in the 70s. We use these every day in our kitchen as do many of you.

Surprisingly Pyrex comes in at a lowly 8th position at yay retro! This is odd as when we started our vintage shop in 2012, vintage Pyrex was a massive seller. Still, people do love it and we always try to have some good looking pieces available to buy.

At number 9 is the French Arcopal brand. This company made heat resistant glassware. The most popular item is their pastel harlequin cup & saucer sets.

Number 10 sees the ever popular Ridgeway Homemaker design. yay retro! only rarely get this pottery into stock as it is very costly.

At the number 11 spot is one of our particular favourites, Hostess ware's Dolly Days pattern. This year has seen many collectors seeking this fine bone china tableware out. This is such a positive, cheery design and the quality of the china is superb.

Finally in at the number 12 position is 1970s enamel coffee pots. Generally made in Poland, though often also made by companies such as Rostfrei, Pyrosil and Finel Arabia, these are a must-have for any vintage collector whether in their home or their vintage camper van.

I hope you've enjoyed this round up of the most looked for vintage wares at yay retro! 2015. Why not pop into our vintage shop now for a wander, and see which your favourite brands are? Click here to go shopping now.

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