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How to spot Contour & Streamline Poole Pottery

If you are just starting to collect Poole Pottery, you may want to know the difference between the Streamline shaped tablewares and those that are called Contour.

From about 1935, Poole introduced the Streamline shape. It was manufactured for well over 30 years, with minor tweaks here and there - you can find different shaped knobs on teapots and preserve jars, and a variety of patterns on the china. The overall shape remains the same with the signature points to look out for being the angular, minimalist lines on the teapot and jug spouts twinned with the simple wide round shape on the cups. 

In the early 1960s, Robert Jefferson introduced the Contour range. This included a more curvy shaped teapot, with matching jugs. Lids for tea & coffee pots, sugar bowls and preserve jars became smaller and pointy. Tall slim shapes were introduced for coffee pots and some jugs (see bottom left).

Once the Contour range was introduced, there were 3 cup styles to choose from. The wide open round Streamline cups in both tea cup and coffee cup size, and the tall slim Contour shape. Small espresso coffee cups were only ever produced in the Streamline shape, so Contour collectors would normally have at least some Streamline in their collection.

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