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Flour Sifters and Sugar Shakers - What are they For?

What are flour shakers and sifters actually for?  With so many sifters, shakers and dredgers in stock in the yay retro! vintage china shop I thought I would write a little about them.

A flour shaker is used to evenly distribute flour onto your work top or board when you wish to roll out pastry, biscuits or scones. Using the right amount of flour is important. Firstly you don't want to use too little or the pastry will stick to your work surface, and secondly you want to avoid using too much to stop your pastry mix drying out and breaking as you work it. Using too much flour when rolling out means much of it will end up being thrown away. So to avoid waste, mess and either sticky (or worse very dry pastry) - use a flour shaker!

Flour shakers can also be known as Flour Sifters (as they remove lumps from the flour as you shake), or flour dredgers. Using a flour shaker aerates your flour adding air to your recipe which is important for many cakes and sponges, helping them to rise in the oven. 

Sugar Shakers are used to sprinkle icing sugar over the top of cakes, mince pies and homemade sweets. Ever wonder how cafe's make their cakes look so pretty? It all comes down to a sugar shaker or sifter!

yay retro! have a fantastic range of vintage 1960/70s shakers and sifters to choose from in our shop at the moment, including ones made by Kirkham, Crown Devon, Taunton Vale, TG Green and even one made from enamel. You can use all of these for either flour or sugar, though several are pre-labelled as some of the manufacturers sold matching items for your kitchen. Check out Flour and Sugar Sifters at yay retro! now.

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