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Ultra Rare Curvy Woods Beryl Cups & Saucers for sale at yay retro!

Lots of people collect Woods Beryl tableware as it reminds them of visiting their grandparents homes for tea. During the war most families would have had some green, yellow or blue Woods utility ware. It is so resilient that it has lasted for years and years and many lovers of vintage seek this brand out even today. Right now yay retro! have two sets of 4 extremely rare green Berylware tea cups and saucers. These are curvy in shape rather than the normal straight edge and are simply stunning! 

Any collector of Woodsware Beryl would love these to be part of their collection. So if you want to be an absolute star this Christmas snap them up!  Check out this Woods ware link to see what we have for sale in the yay retro! shop right now. 

If you want to find out more about Woods tableware, why not read our Retropedia page about the brand now. This useful page not only has a potted history, it also tells you how many items of the brand we have for sale at any one time.

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