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Playmobil Forest Friends Advent Calendar Review

This year I treated myself to a Playmobil Forest Friends (5497) advent calendar. Playmobil figures were first launched in 1974 when I was 12, and I can clearly recall them being given away in cereal boxes. There were knights, red indians and builders and I so desperately wanted a set, but felt way too old to play with them. I had one red indian on my bedroom window sill and felt a bit silly about it (awww what a shame)!

Invented by Hans Beck, the toy initially took a while to get off the ground, now however it is one of the biggest brands of toys with 100s of different sets to collect.  I decided to invest in a Playmobil advent calendar this year, as I now have the excuse of having 3 wonderful grandchildren who can play with it. 

Apparently I was not wrong when at 12 I felt too old; apparently the toys are aimed at children aged four to twelve, but I have to say I have had a real thrill opening each door and then setting up different scenes each day. Anyone who follows yay retro! on Facebook or Instagram will know I've been popping the figurines into and next to vintage tablewares from the 1950-70s and sharing them online.  Here is a montage of Playmobil figures from December 1st to 11th...They are SO cute!

The reason I fell in love with this particular Playmobil set was the amount of forest animals you receive, it really is great value. So far I've had a cute puppy, a rabbit, an owl, a reindeer and a fawn as well as a little elf type figure and a gorgeous Christmas tree which the owl can perch in. There are also lots of animal foods and a curvy red fence. It has already turned in to quite a scene, and children could spend ages playing with it even at Day 11. I have another 14 doors to open which is brilliant! So much more to look forward to!  If you are thinking of getting an extra special advent calendar then I would definitely recommend this one.

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