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10 Reasons to eat Soup Vintage Style!

There are many reasons to eat soup, especially at this time of year and with the gorgeous vintage soup bowls available to buy in yay retro!'s online vintage shop you will be as keen to eat soup as we are!!

10 Reasons to Eat Soup - Vintage Style

1. Soup warms you up on the coldest of days

2. Soup is very low in calories, especially if you stick to vegetable versions without cream - this leaves more calories for chocolate(!)

3. Soup can be made with left over ingredients, this makes it very cost effective - this was vital during war time rationing when the Woods Beryl utility ware pottery was created (see the green dishes below)

4. Soup eaten from a vintage bowl can bring back happy memories of growing up (Heinz tomato soup works really well in 70s Staffordshire Potteries soup bowls shown below - top photo)

5. Soup is a very easy starter to make for a dinner party, make it ahead of time and simply reheat on the night

6. Using unusual vintage soup bowls to serve soup adds a certain pzazz and gets your friends and family more interested in your cooking (try the Thomas Rosenthal bone china handled soup dishes below) 

7. Soup can be made and stored in your freezer in plastic containers. When freezers became household items in the early 70s this was tremendously exciting!

8. Soup can easily and quickly be microwaved in a lidded container, even from frozen making it a quick go-to meal

9. Soup is a magic way to get non-vegetable lovers to eat veg!

10. Soup can be made with delicious ingredients including chocolate and even wine. Try adding high quality plain chocolate to a spicy mexican bean soup, and red wine to a robust roasted winter vegetable soup

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