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Buy Arcopal Cups, Saucers and more at yay retro!

If you love vintage Arcopal ware, then yay retro! is the place for you!  Did you know hat we have a special page in our Retropedia all about this vintage brand? You can check it out here.

Arcopal is a French company who made strong, durable glassware for the kitchen and home. They also sold under the brand name of Luminarc & Arcoroc. One of the most popular items vintage collectors look for from the Arcopal range is the pastel coloured glass cups...Happily we have a lovely set of these in our online vintage shop now.

Thinking about what other patterns vintage devotees love, it would be the later 60/70s orange flowery design called Scania...Here are two lovely mugs which we have for sale now, the company also made cups and saucers, jugs and spice jars in the Scania pattern.

One of the rarer items we have found from Arcopal is this very pretty large flan dish which has forget me not decorations....

You can take a look at all of the Arcopal vintage items yay retro! have available here.

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