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Narnia Totnes Time House Museum & Shop Review

Totnes has the most amazing 4D art & vintage museum which opened earlier this year inside the Narnia vintage record shop in Fore Street. At the weekend we took our vintage music loving friends along for a visit; here's a review of our trip!

Having previously visited the compact shop and admired the vintage record players & 100s of vinyl LP records for sale, I wondered exactly where the Time Traveller museum could be located...I was in for a very big surprise! Hidden away behind, beneath and above the shop the 4D art installation-come-museum created by artist Julie Lafferty, is a mind-blowing feast for the senses. It features light, sound, sensual aromas, tastes, vintage items, lots of film, photography, painting and music.

I really don't want to spoil the surprise of your own visit by going into too much detail, but suffice to say it is throughly thought provoking, moving and also brilliantly quirky. Be prepared to be intrigued, awe-struck and reflective.

You will be transported back in time in some places, and seemingly feel timeless in may wonder 'where am I?' and 'what does this mean?' Only in the next room to reminisce on the 1940s, 50s, 60s or 70s, be it a lounge, kitchen, cinema or garden. 

Music, photography and film feature heavily, and you really should give yourself at least 2 hours to appreciate the entire museum fully.  Indeed you might like to visit on your own so that you need not feel rushed. Vintage photographs put to music and shown as a film reel in various sensory spaces make you reflect upon how the past still affects us today. How certain people & cultures have shaped and influenced us, and how we have affected them. The music that goes with these 'films' is exceptionally well chosen, it can make you dance, feel melancholy or wholly uplifted all within moments.

As you walk along the corridors and up winding staircases, every surface has something to wonder at..the walls, steps, shelves, ceilings and floors all have something to offer...would I recommend a visit? "YES", and I shall be going back again sometime soon...

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