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What are Dala Horses?

yay retro! have a great range of Dala horses for sale in our online vintage shop right now. What are Dala Horses and where do they come from? Dala is short for 'Dalecarlian', an area of Sweden. Dala are wooden horses carved in the traditional manner, then hand painted.

Originally created as a toy, the sturdy wooden Dala horse has become an icon of Sweden and the Dalarna region. With the current interest in collecting Swedish homeware and tableware, the Dala horse has become a design classic for vintage collectors  wishing to create a modern vintage home. 

Dala horses come in all sizes from huge to very tiny and all are very collectable - particularly the smallest or largest. People love to display them in groups; and to have one of each size is to have an optimum collection!

Back in the 19th century the horses were carved during the long winter months and then used to barter for goods. Originally they were undecorated, but later ornamentation was added in the style of the local furniture patterns. Being hand painted all are unique. In the 1930s Dala Horses were shown at the World Expo in Paris, and the World Fair in New York, after this they became a must-have souvenir, and national symbol of Sweden. 

yay retro! have a lovely range of Dala Horses for sale at the moment, including a HUGE 10" red Dala, and an unusual 5.25" black horse. We also have two 4" horses. We can combine postage for you if you wish to buy more than one. As well as being wonderful additions to you living room all year round, Dala's are particularly desirable around Christmas time due to their colour.

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