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Chance Glass Swirl Pattern

Chance Glass is a well known, collectable brand of vintage glassware. One of the most sought after patterns is the Swirl pattern which was created during the 1950s and 60s. It appears on the companies Fiestaware products which come in wonderful shapes and styles. During the post-war period designers created uplifting, flamboyant pieces of tableware which reflected the space age and moved as a far away as possible from the utilitarian forms and shapes which were forced upon them during the war years. Curves and swirls were all the rage...

Chance Glass is extremely fine and light, and is sought after by vintage collectors across the world. Above is a selection of Chance Glass we have had for sale at yay retro! over the years, this includes nibbles dishes, wine and port glasses and a lovely set of 4 stylish tumblers (top right) now for sale which are ideal for drinking vodka or tequila shots etc... A brilliant gift idea! Click here to see them.

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