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Best Vintage Gift Ever?

Today we found the most wonderful vintage item, which would make a fabulous gift (even it was actually to yourself!) It's tricky to explain as it houses a lovely secret.....Is it a box? Is it a jewellery box? Is it a Lazy Susan? Is it a lidded serving dish?

This is a lacquered 23cm round box, decorated with beautiful golden & bronze trees..... the lid and little 4 compartments are revealed which spin around (and is removable). We think this would have been sold as a 'Lazy Susan', and designed to share sweets, nibbles and treats at the supper table or after dinner. It could even be used for storing jewellery, buttons, knick knacks or crafty bits, the possibilities are endless, and this is one to be snapped up before we change our minds and keep it ;o) xx

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