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Vintage China with Daisies and Flowers

One of the most popular designs vintage buyers look for on pottery and china is the Daisy or Flower motif. Bright florals were very popular on tableware in the 1960s & 70s when Flower Power was all the rage. Flower Power was a movement of passive resistance and non-violence created by hippie's and young people, and came about in the USA with the opposition to the Vietnam War.  Designers in Europe and the UK quickly embraced the daisy and flower symbol and daisies began to appear on kitchenware, fabric, clothing and much, much more.

yay retro! have some great vintage flowery china for sale right now from makers such as Figgjo Flint, Midwinter, Staffordshire Potteries as well as West German porcelain companies. Why not take a look in the yay retro! shop now?

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