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Collecting Staffordshire Pottery Mugs

During the 1950s Staffordshire Potteries were the biggest manufacturer of plain white utilitarian cups & saucers. However by the 1960s and 1970s the company were top of the pile for their funky mugs and tableware, with housewives up and down the country choosing their designs over and above any other. Fun, affordable and very durable, Staffordshire Potteries were the ideal choice for family life.

Today people who can recall growing up in the 1960/70s, and vintage devotees love to collect Staffordshire Potteries mugs as there are so many amazing patterns on offer. yay retro! have a huge range available at the moment, it is very unusual for us to have this many designs at once, so this is a fantastic opportunity to start your mug collection or indeed to complete it.

Aside from collectors, people often buy funky mugs like these to give as vintage gifts. Give with a set of special teabags, a wonderful brew of coffee or some chocolates to make a unique and well received birthday or Christmas gift. Shop for these wonderful vintage mugs here.

We can combine postage for you via a refund after purchase, or you can set up a special order in the shop ahead of ordering by emailing Sue at  

Find out more about Staffordshire Pottery in the yay retro! Retropedia here
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