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Rare Square Red Vintage Pyrex Dishes

Just love this set of square red Pyrex vintage dishes now available in the yay retro! shop. Made back in the 1950/60s when influenced by kitchen design in the USA, red was 'the' colour for any modern kitchen. Pyrex was already a well known brand and a 'must-have' item on any bride to be's wedding list.  

At the time couples would store items in their 'bottom drawer' ready for their future home, as people waited and saved to get married, before living together. Thus a bottom drawer was required to gradually get all the kitchen and home essentials together. These wonderful dishes would have been ultra 'space age' in design being red, unpatterned and square - totally different to anything that people's parents would have had in their homes!

You can just imagine the excitement of receiving these as a gift at the time, and any vintage Pyrex collector now would love to own them, especially as they are hard to get hold of outside of the USA. Check them out here in the yay retro! vintage shop.
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