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Hornsea Vintage Tableware for sale - yay retro!

Back in the 1970s John Clappison made a huge impact working on stunning new tableware designs for Hornsea. These patterns such as Heirloom and Saffron are now sought after by vintage devotees for their bold shapes, strong lines and 'stand out' patterns.

above an unusual lidded pot in Hornsea's Saffron pattern

yay retro! have some great examples for sale at the moment, including a gorgeous Hornsea Saffron spice rack which features 6 floral spice jars on a teak rack. Matching this we have a large milk jug, and an interesting flowery ceramic lidded pot which could be used for sugar, preserves or even butter. Some might call it a butter box (a term often used at the time by makers such as Poole Pottery). Definitely worth snapping this one up (see pic above)!

Another great vintage find this week is a large biscuit barrel in Hornsea's Heirloom pattern. This was designed in both russet/sienna tones and deep forest green. This biscuit jar has a new seal on it's teak lid, and so will still keep your biscuits fresh - even 40 years after it was made! Brilliant!

At the moment yay retro! also have 4 deep green Heirloom soup bowls for sale. It won't be long until we will all be pining for Heinz tomato soup again, or making our vegetable broth, what better way to eat home cooked soup than in these truly vintage soup bowls?  Check out all of the Hornsea tableware we have for sale now by clicking any of the photos or just here :O) 

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