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Ice Green Poole Pottery at affordable prices

If like us you adore Poole Pottery, then you'll love the ice green Twintone items we have in stock right now. These include both the Streamline and Contour teapots, cups, saucers, jugs and sugar bowls. 

Often plates are so very expensive, yet you want them to complete your tea or dinner set. At yay retro! we sell Poole Pottery plates in very affordable sets, and we even absorb a lot of the postage cost - plates are heavy!

We always pack our vintage items very safely, so you can be sure you will receive your Poole Pottery from us completely ready to use in your own home :O)

Pop in to the yay retro! shop now, and search Poole by clicking here, yay retro! is more affordable than most china replacement sites.

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