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Vintage Enamel Coffee Pots & Kettle now in stock at yay retro!

We just love tracking down vintage enamelware for your kitchen, camper van and caravan! Just look at the lovely pieces of vintage enamel kitchenware we've found over the years here.  Right now we have one of the most sought after items; a bright orange kettle. People just love to make tea and coffee the old fashioned way, especially in their campers where they often don't have much choice! Adore the colour on this one, it's sure to add a boost of colour to any room!


Alongside this people come to yay retro! for vintage enamel coffee pots, and we try to have them in all colours. In the 1970s, it was very chic to own a coffee pot, people had lots of dinner parties at home and serving coffee at the end was 'the thing'. I was given a couple of enamel coffee pots just like the one below (made in Poland) for my 'bottom drawer' when I got engaged back then :O)

Right now we have enamel coffee pots in red and blue, and a teapot in green. We have yellow coming into stock soon too. However 'king' of them all has to be this gorgeous bright red Rostfrei coffee pot, with it's funky red pattern.  Patterned ones are so much more collectable as they are superb as ornamental pieces as well as being useful.

Pop in now and search 'enamel' at yay retro! we have a lovely array of choices including storage containers and enamel saucepans and casseroles too!

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