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Original Prestige Skyline Kitchen Tool Set - yay retro!

So happy to see, let alone own this gorgeous boxed set of yellow Prestige Skyline kitchen tools!  I adore these yellow versions as my Gran had a set just like this in her kitchen in the 1950s & 60s. To think that I have managed to get hold of a set which has never been used, is quite simply like winning the lottery!

Perhaps someone was given them as a wedding present and they didn't match their kitchen? Our maybe they got given two sets! They have yellow wooden handles with a black and cream stripe. Mid century design classics, these Prestige Skyline kitchen utensils are most definitely keepers, though am happy to say that I have other Skyline and Nutbrown kitchen utensils coming to the yay retro! shop for sale in a range of colours very soon. Keep an eye!

In the meantime thought you would love to see the trendy 'seed head' decorated box inside and out, which these divine mid-century design classics originally came in...

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