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The Busy Person's Guide to Making Perfect Porridge

Many people I know avoid making porridge on a weekday as they perceive it to be too much of a pfaff, creating lots of washing up and too long a time slaving over a hot stove. This couldn't be further from the truth and with this fabby recipe you too can be enjoying proper home cooked, healthy porridge every day with absolutely no fuss at all. In fact you can even have a shower, check your email, watch TV or read a book while it's being cooked!

Here's what you will need...

A yogurt pot for measuring
A good sized Pyrex or other microwaveable bowl
A Microwave
Water & Milk
Porridge in 2 grades - Plain old Supermarket Value Oats + Jumbo Rolled Oats available from Jordans (in orange box) or from local Deli.

How to quickly make your Perfect Porridge:

This recipe is for one person:

1. Measure some porridge into your yogurt pot so that it is 3/4 full as shown above, use half value porridge oats and half jumbo rolled oats.

2.  Just cover the porridge with water, then add a good slosh of milk so that the porridge is covered as shown above. (note if you want to make a more luxurious porridge, use only milk).

3. Set your microwave to 80%, put the porridge in for 4.5 minutes. At this point you are free to wander off and do as you please for as long as you wish. Leaving the porridge to stand in the oven simply makes it creamier and thicker.

4. When you are ready to eat, remove the bowl and give a brisk stir to make the porridge creamy.

5. Your porridge should be reasonably light and frothy, and can be served with any number of toppings. I love banana and tons of cinnamon!  

Important Notes:

If you want to make it for more people simply multiply up the ingredients . For two people a bowl sized as shown is good, extend the cooking time to 5.5 minutes.

A large mixing bowl for cake making is ideal for 3 or more people; you will need to significantly extend the cooking time.

This recipe also works cooked in a saucepan, however you will need to stand over it, stirring throughout. You will find the porridge cooks faster on the hob by way of compensation!

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