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Vintage Figgjo Flint Table and Ovenware from yay retro!

Figgjo Flint is a vintage brand of 1960/70s ceramic table and ovenware which is highly collectable today.  Figgjo Flint is a Norwegian company whose funky designs resonate with retro lovers the world over.  The company was formed in 1941, and by 1969 had won its first award for design excellence.

With amazing patterns such as 'Clupea', which means 'Herring' it is no wonder that people adore to have pieces of Figgjo Flint in their modern vintage homes. This plate would be fantastic on display in any room in your home!

The Figgjo Flint 'Saga' collection features imaginary figures Scandinavian Folklore, we love this Princess dish which again could be used every day in your kitchen or as an ornament elsewhere in the house.

Figgjo Flint 'Daisy' is collected by people from South Korea to Southampton! This is a bold design of huge daisies on a blue background. A pattern which has never dated, and goes on being strikingly beautiful after over 40 years!

Figgjo Flint 'Astrid' has red and blue Scandi abstract flower patterns, we think this is a superb design. On a large serving dish like the one above with it's pointy lid, it is ideal to have both as a display piece or for use on your vintage inspired dinner table.

A wonderfully romantic vintage wedding present idea, Figgjo Flint is a sure fire winner in the vintage gift department! Pop into yay retro! now and search ' Figgjo Flint'.

You can find out more about the Figgjo Flint Vintage Brand in our Retropedia here.
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