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Retro recipe for Plum Duff

Here's a lovely easy, quick and very retro recipe which you can cook in a mixing bowl like the vintage Pyrex June Roses one we have shown on the left below.

It's called Plum Duff , and the old clipping from a recipe book I have suggests that Sherlock Holmes loved this pud?! Perfect for winter evenings, Plum Duff has no added sugar, yet is a very sweet way to end your meal...

recipe for pum duff, a fruit and suet pudding from yay retro! online vintage china shop

Plum Duff Recipe (Serves 6)

6oz Sultanas

10oz Self Raising Flour

5oz Atora Vegetable Suet  (you can buy this in a green and red box in the baking aisle - it is like little pellets of fat in flour)

pinch of salt

cold water

Baking Parchment 

Pop all of the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl (not the one you wish to cook in!) and stir together

Add  enough cold water to form a ball

Wrap the ball in the baking parchment, then place this upside down (with the wrappings at the bottom) into the Pyrex bowl.

Place a saucer on top and put in the microwave on full power for 9.5 minutes

Leave for 1 minute.

Serve with custard or cream.

If you want to be very indulgent sprinkle with brown sugar before serving!

If you wish you can halve this recipt to serve 2-3, and cook for just 4.5 minutes

This is not a pretty pud to look at, but it certainly is delicious!

To order a Pyrex bowl, click on the image :O)


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