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Healthier Chocolate Muffins

Are you looking for a healthier version of chocolate muffins? Why not try this recipe to cut down on fats and sugar and to add some fibre into your diet? You can freeze these cakes and take out just as many as you need at a time. For a quick warming snack, microwave for 30-40 seconds on low. You could also serve with custard for a quick dessert.

8oz Wholemeal Self Raising Flour (you can use Spelt flour if preferred) 
1 rounded tsp Baking Powder
1.5oz Cocoa
3 medium eggs
4oz Clover Light (with pale blue lid)
4oz Half Spoon Sugar (made by Silver Spoon)

Chocolate Chips optional
Dark Chocolate melted to decorate optional

Using a blender mix everything together apart from the chocolate. Add enough milk to make a soft dropping consistency. If using chocolate chips, stir them in now. Line 2 muffin trays with muffin cases - makes 18 cakes. Spoon the mixture into the cases and bake for around 20 minutes. Oven 200c fan / 180 c / Gas 6

Allow to cool and decorate with melted chocolate if desired. Serve on vintage plates for full effect! 

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