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Weight Watchers Banoffee Fromage Frais a new yay retro! favourite

The famously retro pud Banoffee pie was invented at The Hungry Monk Restaurant, Sussex in 1972. Made from bananas, cream and condensed milk (which is boiled until it becomes toffee), this amazing pud is served on a biscuit crumb base and is utterly divine!

Following a careful diet and being married to Mr yay! who does not like banana desserts, means I rarely get to eat Banoffee Pie, that is until last week when I spotted these in Morrisons Supermarket.....

The brilliant company that is Weight Watchers have just brought out a Banoffee dessert pot, which comes in at only 1 Pro Point or 55 calories! It is simply amazing and is the ideal substitute for calorific ice creams, chocolate bars and any other naughty treat which tempts you throughout these hot summery days.

Yet another amazing Weight Watchers product which is going to be permanently in my retro kitchen - yay!
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