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Vintage Glassware from yay retro!

Vintage glassware from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s is nothing like the contemporary glass on offer in the shops today. It has a much finer quality and in our eyes at least much more interesting designs.

Back in the post war 1950s, people wanted glitz, glamour and colour in the homes, exciting abstract patterns found their way on to glass and tableware which mirrored those designs being seen in the art world. Exciting bold colours and shapes celebrated the new scientific age, and young newly weds of the time couldn't get enough of it!

Setting up a bar area in the home was all the rage, and a way of exhibiting style and sophistication. Funky drinks cabinets were stocked with all the glasses and decanters required to make Daiquiri's, Martini's and to sip a tipple of sherry and liqueur.

Often glasses were edged with a gold coloured rim for extra glitz, like the polka dot glasses above and the leafy gold wine glasses below...

Many people were given sets of glasses for wedding presents, and these were safely kept for best in many a sideboard, so that today we still find boxed sets which have never been used. Take these 60s port or sherry glasses, they were only taken out of the box to photograph for the yay retro! shop. These gorgeous glasses have a minimal leaf design not unlike that created by Catherine Holm at the time.

With this kind of design being in fashion again today, brought back by the likes of Orla Kiely this is a fabulous set to snap up whether it be for you or to give as a gift.

Whether you prefer a nip of Amaretto, Vodka or a dash of Bailey's to relax with you are sure to find a set of brilliant glasses at yay retro!, simply search 'glass' to see all that we have.

We always pack our items carefully, and we do combine postage if we possibly can via a refund after purchase. Click here to have a browse of our vintage glass (which includes ornaments too) now...
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