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Vintage Storage Jars and Spring Sort- Outs - The Spice of Life!

Well May is offering us some funny old weather isn't it? After a tantalising few weeks of sunshine we now have April showers and chilliness to contend with again. Still there's nothing like unsettled showers to keep you indoors having a spring clean and sort out is there?

How about revitalising your kitchen with a swift clean through? Throw away those spice jars from Sainsburys circa 1990s (yes I've just done mine - really!!) and invest in some new spice to pop into vintage spice jars like these Saffron Jars designed by John Clappision for Hornsea:

Your cooking will thank you for it; having found spices you'd forgotten about will have you trying new recipes in no time!

Every kitchen loves fresh storage containers, and if you love vintage and retro like we do, then the real deal is something that is a joy to use. We love these 1950/60s plastic tea, coffee and sugar jars which are guaranteed to make you smile each time you use them (ideal for camper and caravans too!)

yay retro! have some great vintage storage jars and spice racks in stock at the moment. As well as being super-duper for their original intended use, these are great for storing bits and bobs, pop your thinking cap on side-ways and use jars for storing utensils:

Or how about using vintage storage tins for protecting items in your craft room? Buttons, poppers, zips and ribbons are kept perfectly safe in fabulous tins like these Worcesterware tins from the 1960/70s:

We use Mary Quant, Crown Devon storage jars like the one below, without the lids on in our own kitchen to store all of our cooking paraphenalia:

Vintage storage jars also make tremendous ornaments and display pieces, this wonderful tall lidded jar from Arthur Wood c. 1960/70s would be incredible in your lounge or dining room! Just look at that cute pointy lid!

Why not have a sort out and spring clean today if it rains?  With cute vintage loveliness like this on offer, it may just inspire you?! xx

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