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Woods ware Beryl, Jasmine and Iris for sale

If you are looking for the optimum in vintage tableware then look no further than Woods ware!  The infamous green, blue and yellow tableware was made all through the war and well into the 1950s in England. As such this utility china is in nearly everyone's family somewhere and so brings back warm memories for many people.

Right now, yay retro! have stocks of all three colours, Green Beryl ware, Yellow Jasmine ware and Blue Iris ware. Choose from teapots, cups, saucers, sugar bowls, dishes and plates - why not mix and match colours to create a truly exciting set for your modern vintage kitchen?

Woods ware is collected the world over with some pieces fetching premium prices. You can read about Woods ware in out Retropedia here OR shop for Woods ware at yay retro! here.

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