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Italian Mid Century Pottery at yay retro!

Italian Mid-Century Pottery is now highly prized by lovers of the 1950s era. These hand-painted pieces are often brightly coloured with designs which bring to mind Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque's primitive and cubist artworks.  Take the fish dish above, we love the almost 'cave art' feel to the design on this which would have been very popular back in the 50s. This chunky pottery dish is in the very up to the minute colours of turquoise and black and would be ideal used as a soap dish or just as an ornament.

Another great Italian piece of vintage tableware available in the yay retro! vintage shop is this large fruit or serving dish. This sits in an Atomic wire rack with a wicker wrapped handle. Depicting a tall fruit stand full of pomegranates, cherries and lemons this yells the 50s at you and is a surely a must-have item for your modern vintage home?! 

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