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Bring a ray of sunshine to your kitchen today!

Just looking at this fab check tea set makes us feel happy and sunny!

We have this for sale in the yay retro! tea & coffee shop for just £30.00, along with lots of other shabby chic tea and coffee cups with our good value pricing ranging from just £5.00 :O)

yay retro! have a Harlequinade yellow vintage tea set for sale in their shop

This gorgeous little tea set was made by The Washington Pottery in Hanley, England. We have searched all over the web to find out more about this lovely design. It seems there is a similar pattern called Harlequinade, designed by the Empire Porcelain Company of Stoke-on-Trent in the 1950s. Examples of this are available in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Empire designs tended to be in darker colours with a deep burgundy red being typical.

Here at yay retro! we prefer bright yellow!

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