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When Sue met Nina over some Hornsea Spice Jars - yay retro!

Some months back Nina bought the gorgeous Royal Blue Hornsea Spice Jars below from yay retro!...I was able to let Nina know that her lovely vintage jars were going to be appearing in the spring issue of Homes & Antiques magazine, as they had previously been borrowed by the magazine for a photo shoot and article about Hornsea tablewares.

It turned out that Nina is a very keen photographer and blogger, and it's lovely see her article about her Hornsea jars appearing on her blog 'Nina Nixon' here.  In the article she says: "One of my favourite places to to seek all things wonderful is via Sue at 'Yay Retro'.  She sources amazing vintage 'kitchenalia' that would make any enthusiast quiver at the knees." how fab - thanks Nina!

It really is worth popping in to have a browse of Nina's blog, full of emotive and stunning photos, it's the perfect way to unwind over a cup of coffee :O)

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