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yay retro! love The Little Posy Print Company's plates!

Recently we came across some super-duper vintage plates which have wonderful quotes written on them in stylish calligraphy. These have been created by the very talented Claire from The Little Posy Print Company, and we got in touch to find out more and thought you might like a read!

Claire studied for a degree in Illustration at the University of Portsmouth, and set up The Little Posy Print Company in 2012, back then her main focus was creating personalised stationery. Now Claire's range has expanded to cover stationery of all types along with these vintage plates with retro personalized calligraphy, and also a range of unique personalised enamel mugs. 

The calligraphy on her vintage plates and mugs is all painstakingly created by hand,  so every one is individual. With her print work she uses a mixture of both, and says: "I really try to get an element of hand lettering into most of my work. It’s really relaxing to be able to sit down and sketch and get away from the computer some times and it allows me the freedom to set the tone for a piece without being confined to a specific type face or spending hours trawling thorough the thousands (seriously.. thousands!!) of fonts in my collection!"

Claire says that she finds inspiration everywhere she looks, from things she sees and just life in general. She is always open to experiences to spark an idea. She says: "If I really sit down and think about things, my mind either goes blank or I come up with really stale ideas that have been done before so I tend to just let inspiration hit me". 

We asked how the marvellous idea for Claire's Vintage Calligraphic plates came about:

"My eldest had lost his two front teeth and the Tooth Fairy money was burning a hole in his pocket so we popped round to the Autumn Fayre at the church round the corner. I picked up a lovely little plate that I loved the pattern of and just couldn’t leave there and decided to put it in my new (work in progress) studio to remind me not to “Compare someone else’s middle to your beginning’. Working for yourself alone can be tough...I posted a picture on my page just to show it off because I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, and all of a sudden I had messages asking if I could make more. The quotes so far have all been ones requested by my customers so they are all done to order. "

These marvellous plates are fully washable and the writing stays in place.  It is actually dishwasher proof but as the 
plates are vintage, it is probably best to just wash them by hand.

Claire tells us that she loves yay retro!: " I love vintage and retro things, they add so much more character and history to a home but if I had to choose one thing it would be one of the gorgeously bright 1960’s flower trays. My Mum had one when I was little which I’m sure was her Mum’s. I’m pretty sure it got thrown out years ago but it reminds me of being home from school poorly and having Cuppa soup and bread on the sofa in front of the TV….. I think it might be going on my Birthday list! 

Claire says she uses as much second hand or upcycled bits in our home as possible. Having two boys means I haven’t got too many breakables or valuables around but hopefully in a few years things won’t have to be so boy friendly and I can cover every surface in retro loveliness. At the moment though her two fave vintage bits are a green steamer trunk that she customized with all of the family's initials which is used as a coffee table in their living room, and a lovely original GPlan sideboard that was Claire's husband’s grandmother’s. 

Claire has big plans to expand The Little Posy Print Company range for 2015! You can buy directly through her website, on Facebook, or in her Etsy Shop. She can also be found at Not On The High Street.

Pop into yay retro! now for a vintage browse including plates, cups, saucers teapots and much more!

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