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Why are vintage Poodles so cute?!

There is something very special about vintage poodle ornaments, their little faces are so endearing I fall for them every time!  On my kitchen windowsill I have a little black poodle made in Italy which reminds me of my Gran's dog Fifi back in the 60s. Whenever I find kitsch poodle ornaments I have to get them for the yay retro! shop and right now I have several here.

This week I have added two from SylvaC, one is the older matte glazed style (above), she is beige with the cutest brown bow in her fur.  Aww look how she stares beseechingly up at you!  The other is a very pretty white poodle with a shiny glaze, this one is a later design. We love the detailing on this with careful application of fawn glazes around her mouth, feet and ears to make her seem more realistic.

You can search Poodle here :O)
Or search SylvaC here.

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