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yay retro! Coffee Pot goes to the Sydney Opera House

Very excited that one of the vintage coffee pots from yay retro! will be featuring in a ballet at The Sydney Opera House in Australia! Our Grindley 1950s pot will be in 'Play me a Story...The Nutcracker', and is for the 'Coffee' dance from the Nutcracker - sometimes called the Arabian dance.

Usually the Arabian dance is performed by a beautiful Ballerina wearing harem pants, however in this version, it will be danced by a male dancer called Lennox Niven, who is in his final year at the Australian Ballet School.

Esmerelda who created this version of the ballet, and who bought the coffee pot tells us that: "Lennox will dance dressed as a waiter with your super cute coffee pot on a little tray. There will also be the smell of coffee released during the dance, thanks to many kilograms of freshly roasted coffee beans on loan to us from Euroespresso coffee roasters."

You can find out more about the performance Play me a Story...The Nutcracker' on The Sydney Opera House website here.
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