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Washington Pottery Flower Power for sale

One of the most amazing tableware patterns from the 1960s has to be Washington Pottery's 'Flower Power', which features a range of brightly coloured, bold flower heads. I think you'll agree these have the absolute vintage **kapow** factor!

Ideal for  grabbing attention in your vintage kitchen, yay retro! have a fabulous set of dishes / bowls in this design for sale at the moment.

We also have 4 plates on offer, which we are selling individually as they are just fab as artworks as well as being lovely in a set. If you do wish to buy groups of 'Flower Power' items together, I can combine poastage for you via a refund after purchase, or email to set up a special order in the shop.

Take a look at / buy the 'Flower Power' tableware we have in stock here

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