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Unusual Crown Devon Storage Jars in Stock - yay retro!

Crown Devon Storage Jars from the 60s and 70s are always very popular with vintage collectors, and we love to get in some of the more unusual patterns whenever we can for the yay retro! shop.  Right now we have this gorgeous design which has the feel of abstract paintings by artists such as John Piper.

John Piper's designs were used for formica topped coffee tables, so it is no wonder that the feel and look of works such as his found their way into general homeware design.

What we love about these jars is that the pattern and colours used are just as fresh today as they would have been when created.   Unusually there is a storage jar for rice - never seen one of those before.  This affordable set is in the yay retro! shop here, and I can combine postage for you via a refund after purchase, or email before ordering.

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