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1973/4 Argos Catalogue now online to view!

Wow, just seen a Facebook friend sharing the first ever 1973/4 Argos catalogue which is now available to flick through online!  It really is an amazing piece of social history and well worth a browse.  We love the photos of 1970s room settings and of course all of the pictures of the home and kitchenware of the times - much of which yay retro! sell today, when we can find it...

Items such as Washington Pottery plates, Crown Devon Storage Jars, Pyrex and decorative Enamel Saucepans are featured in this catalogue....(Bloomin' heck I really would love one of the Crown Devon measuring jugs, I've never ever seen one!)

There are also loads of colourful tableware from makers such as Biltons, Washington Potteries, Alfred Meakin and Myott.

Click the Argos Catalogue Cover below to have a reminisce yourself! Or pop into yay retro! to see many of the original items featured for sale today :O)

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