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Remember you're a Womble at yay retro!

Were you a Womble addict? Are you still a secret Womble fiend now? I know a friend of mine who is! The Wombles were a TV sensation in the 1970. A family of furry creatures, they lived on Wimbledon Common and were one of the first advocates of recycling and being 'green' I seem to recall. 

yay retro! have some original Womble paper party plates in their unopened packets in stock at the moment. These feature Orinoco standing under an umbrella. Being bright red they are extra fun. Choose from a pack of 20, 30 or 50 as new plates. We think we've covered most sizes of party? If you wish to buy all of the plates - a total of 100 do go ahead and I will refund any postage not required. Ideal for a 40th birthday we think!?

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