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J&G Meakin Coffee Pots for collectors everywhere

Back in the late 60s and early 70s J&G Meakin  Studio Pottery were very busy designing many 100s of up-to-the-minute patterns to put on their newly created sleek, tall coffee pots, teapots and matching cup sets. With so many designs to choose from these pots became a real hit, and collectors today are keen to try to find them all.

Brilliant as display pieces, these mid century coffee pots double up as superb ornaments. At the moment yay retro! have a J&G Meakin Topic Coffee pot in stock - this pattern features a mass of seemingly hand drawn blue flowers and green leaves.  We also have a Tuscany coffee pot with a floral mosaic design. Rather more conservative that the Topic pattern, Tuscany includes rich blues and yellows with a sprinkling of chocolate, and is one of the rarer patterns.

You can find our current stocks of vintage J&G Meakin by clicking here.

If you would like to find more out about J&G Meakin patterns, why not have a read of our Retropedia?  Our Retropedia can be found at the base of the yay retro! website and features many of the collcetable vintage brand names.


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