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Vintage & Retro Aprons - 10 reasons to wear!

Why wear a vintage apron? Here are 10 reasons - in no particular order...

1. Keep your clothes clean whilst cooking and baking (obvious!)
2. Wear at vintage fairs and do's for that authentic retro look (cute!)
3. Keep your skirt / jeans  dry whilst washing up (that's if you are as messy as I am when doing this chore!)
4. Wear when painting finger nails (prevent those nail varnish mishaps!)
5. Wipe your hands on them when the doorbell or phone rings in the middle of cooking/washing
6. They look super sexy (yes they do!!)
7.  Keep pegs in the pocket when hanging out washing
8. Wear when painting, revamping furniture to keep clothes clean
9. Jazz up an otherwise boring outfit (if you are brave!)
10. Don't want to wear it?  Cut it up and sew something from the gorgeous vintage fabric! (Think cushions, bags, totes, pencial cases, laptop covers, napkins...)

Why not go shopping for your vintage apron at yay retro! today? We can combine postage on any other stock item if you wish to buy more than one lovely piece of vintage homeware!
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