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Why Vintage Kitchenalia makes sense in Your Home!

Buying vintage for your home isn't just about popping a jug or a teaset on a shelf for show. It's about using gorgeous quality pieces of kitchenalia which were made back in the days when they were designed to last and last. I use vintage homewares all over my house and I thought you might like to see some of them in action. Plus you'll hear why I believe vintage is the way to go.

As you can see vintage kitchenware doesn't have to look 'old'. The Baretware vintage biscuit tin above looks almost new and really keeps our crackers fresh, even though this was made in the 60s it works just as well today! Next to this is my bright orange daisy Pyrex lidded dish. Again this looks as if it were made yesterday, and yet it is from the 1960s/70s. I use my vintage Pyrex for storing food in the fridge or freezer, for microwaving and for cooking in the oven. When not in use, this looks adorable on my worktop, and gives me a lift every time I look at it.

Such amazing Pyrex patterns are not made any more; so there's one appeal of vintagewares in a nutshell! The fact that such amazing patterns are available to find if you search long enough, makes owning them even more satisfying. (Nicer than just popping into a superstore and getting one off the shelf!)

Next up is my rather nifty bright orange lemon squeezer, I love the clever ergonomic design, and I leave it on display in between uses as it is so fab. I am not sure of the age of this item. Maybe it's quite new and so is just a case of recycling what otherwise would have been thrown away by someone. Much better to recycle that be forever buying new, especially with plastics...

I find that eating fruit needs the odd daily reminder, somehow my bananas look a whole lot better cradled in a very fine 1950/60s Crown Devon Panache bowl, and boring old apples and pears look tastier in an Alfred Meakin ovenware dish. What do you think?

We keep our biscuits really fresh in our Poole Pottery biscuit barrel. These were designed in the 1930s and are so effective - there's no need for plastic bags or wrap - our biscuits stay crunchy all of the time (even though we are not meant to be eating biscuits - see how this barrel stands guard over our weightwatchers cookbooks!) 

Other pieces of Poole Pottery are used everyday like our cups and saucers, tea and dinner plates (above). Below is our Contour shaped lidded serving dish, perfect for serving vegetables at dinner parties and always commented upon - people think all of our Poole is from somewhere like IKEA as the design is so fresh and modern looking - nope it's from the 1930s - 1960s! yay retro!

Do you love my 70s enamelware frying pan, isn't it yum? All those bright yellow and orange daisies...I use this for poaching eggs, and when not in use it sits on a special shelf so I can see it. I can't think of a new design of a frying pan available in the High Street which looks so appealing? This is why vintage wares are so much fun to use.

Another appealing feature of using vintage wares in your home is that they spark off memories of other times and people who we miss. I have a special memory corner on my kitchen windowsill which features my Gran's Berylware cup and saucer and a little Italian Poodle ornament (in memory of her dog Fifi). 

Mixing and matching vintageware really works, in my jug collection (yes I am a 'jugaholic'), I have my Gran's Bristolware sauce jug, with a Poole Pottery gravy jug and a Lord Nelson Rio Mexican themed measuring jug (see below).

Something you may not know is that about 90% of the items for sale at yay retro! were made in Britain back in the time when Staffordshire was the absolute centre and home of pottery; Ireland was the place to get linen and even Pyrex was manufactured in Sunderland. Of course Poole Pottery was made in Poole, Dorset, and do look our for other local potteries such as Toni Raymond whose home was Torquay in Devon and Stornoway Pottery up in Scotland.

Below, you can see more of my jug collection which includes some Cornishware and Woods Beryl & Jasmine custard jugs - the mainstay of any retro kitchen as they are so durable. Woods Berylware is highly sought after today, and people tell me they use it everyday and even pop it into the dishwasher! Vintage wares such as Woods Beryl are often much more affordable than contemporary tablewares, plus they really have stood the test of time, with much more use in them yet! So if you are looking to buy kitchen ware that is cost effective and will last - buy vintage.

The brilliant thing about vintage homeware is that you can use items for anything. I like to think outside of the box...I wanted some Crown Devon storage jars, but didn't want them for tea, coffee or sugar...The solution? Use them as kitchen utensil holders! These are another must-have vintage item which brings a smile to my face everytime I cook. Above you can also see my lovely Worcesterware fishy pot stand which arrived to me in it's original box; too nice to use I keep it as a lovely 60s artwork!

Other re-purposing ideas with vintage tableware, include using sugar bowls or even ashtrays in your bathroom and bedroom. I keep my nail varnishes in a J&G Meakin Capri sugar bowl and my jewellry in a Poole Pottery ashtray.

My vintage jug collection extends into my lounge with jugs being used to highlight pieces of art, and crafty makes. A J&G Meakin Topic fruit bowl is a lovely frame for a retro glassware vase. I find these vintage coloured vases a lovely way to brighten up a corner and set off little arrangements of retrowares, such as my Jersey Pottery bird dish and Box of Frogs mosaic bird artwork.

So to recap on why Vintage Kitchenalia makes sense in your home:
  • Vintagewares were made to last
  • Vintage tablewares include some amazing fun designs not found on 'new' kitchenware
  • Vintage kitchenalia is often very durable and can be used everyday in your home
  • Vintage brings back memories
  • Vintagewares were often manufactured in Britain
  • If you love recycling, then buying Vintage is for you
  • Vintage designs can be extremely artistic, unique and colourful
  • Vintage & Retro items are a talking point in your home
  • Using Vintage makes financial sense, as it is often more affordable than new
  • Collecting & Using Vintage home ware is fun!
Why not pop into the yay retro! online vintage shop for a browse now?

We do combine postage wherever possible via a refund after purchase, or email ahead for a postage cost. Use the search box to help you find particular items and makes :O) 
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