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Vintage Enamel Tea & Coffee time!

Don't know what it is about vintage enamelware, but it literally makes most people want to pick it up and look! Maybe as it is so bright, shiny and attractive it brings out the magpie in all of us? The most popular searched for item on the yay retro! website is 1970s coffee pots, and the enamel ones feature very highly in this.

Red seems to be the the most popular colour, followed by all the right oranges, yellows and blues. We adore this patterned enamel Rostfrei Coffee pot which is perfect for use every day or display. What a gift this would make!

One of the most sought after enamel coffee pots are the ones made in Poland, this iconic shape is a memory shared for many, many people. I myself was given a set of these when I got engaged in the 1970s, whilst others can recall their students days sharing a coffee or hot chocolate in one of these. 

Dinner parties and trips to Grandparents houses are all memories tied up with these coffee pots, which would have been found in places like Habitat in the 70s.

More expensive, elaborate versions  include the high quality Silit pot, below. This has a gorgeous richly coloured finish and design around it's base. A wonderful piece to put on display in your kitchen or dining room, it is also ideal for use today.

If you are looking for an enamel kettle for your hob whether this is at home or in your vintage campervan or caravan, then like many others you may well be looking for a vintage floral version? We adore this kettle with its orange & pink daisies, why go electric when you can save money and use this marvellous kettle on your gas hob everyday?

Search enamel at yay retro! now, and grab yourself a beautiful piece of vintage enamel for your home today :O)

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