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Sylvac Kissing Bunnies - they're keepers!

So happy to have found some kissing SylvaC bunnies today. These are in my favourite pale green Sylvac glaze, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them! These teeny bunnies stand in front of a tree trunk which is just the right size for matches or the old fashioned wooden spills which were used to light fires back in the day. Since I just love rabbits, SylvaC, and this green tone they are staying with me for the time being!

The trading name ‘SylvaC’ comes from the marriage of Shaw & Copestake's the 'Sylvan Works', plus the C of Copestake, the name was used from 1936 onwards. 

Rabbits and Dogs are the most collectible of Sylvac’s range of animals. The first rabbits were produced in the early 30s, and they come in a variety of colours including shades of beige, green, pink and blue. These range in size, and many collectors like to have examples of each. The largest SylvaC rabbit is a whopping 25cm high, whilst the smallest is a mere 5cm. Surprisingly, SylvaC Rabbits were produced until 1975. Beware of copies...the SylvaC rabbits are stamped to the base like so:

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